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We welcome all of you to the training and career planning website of ABV-IIITM Gwalior. IIITs are one of the most prestigious industrial leadership and development institutions in India. The graduates from here are a product of optimized problem solving, critical thinking, hard work, and a firm foundation in the area of IT and Management. The institute encourages them to aspire for excellence and make a difference in their fields of work. Let's get started...

Academic Facilities

IIITM Gwalior offers great academic amenities and an ideal learning atmosphere in campus. The curriculum and courses available are flexible enough to adapt and change in reaction to new circumstances. The programmes are designed to provide a firm foundation of knowledge while also enhancing the confidence, creativity, and innovation.

IIITM Gwalior continues to expand its education programmes and incorporate new ideas into its academic activities, time to time.

The institute's ultimate purpose is to provide learning opportunities to its dedicated students. It seeks to give them the best and relevant education possible at all occasions. The institute is committed to its notion that students should be exposed to global scientific breakthroughs. Students are encouraged to submit research papers and attend international conferences, and they are given support in doing so.

For students, dwelling in such an environment among people who share similar objectives and ambitions is an exciting learning experience, one with a standardized approach - Success.

Placement Bulletin

  • Companies successfully completed their campus recruitment drive with IIITM Gwalior for the students of 2023 batch are GOOGLE, Intuit, DE Shaw, Slice, Nutanix, Media.net, Western Digital, Dell Technologies, Axtria, KFintech,TCS,TCS R&I, EXL Services, Scaler, MAQ Software and more.

  • Students were selected for the profiles of SDE, SDE-1, Analyst, Senior Analyst, SWE Intern, Digital Analyst Level-3, Analyst Business Applications, Analyst Marketing Automation, Trainee Engineer and so on.

  • Students also received PPOs from Uber, Samsung, Intuit and GOOGLE.

Training Bulletin

  • A one day session on Data Science in the third weekend of October' 22. The session will be conducted by Mr. Ark Mishra, alumnus of IIITM, Gwalior who is currently working as Assistant Vice President- Barclays Bank. He is also a Guest Faculty at BITS PILANI and specializes in Big Data and Data Science. Mr. Mishra has worked extensively in the fields of Data science, Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence for the past 10 years.

  • A one day session under corporate connect on 6 August' 22. The session will be conducted by Ms. Neelima Naidu, an alumnus of IIITM, Gwalior who is currently working as Principal Consultant at Fractal.ai. She has also been associated with Mu Sigma. She has experience of more than 12 years in the IT industry with different challenges roles.


IIITM Gwalior is an autonomous institute established by the Government of India, MHRD (Presently Ministry of Education, Govt. of India) in 1997. It is an institute of national importance that aims towards creating professionals in areas of management and information technology from the same institute. This institute was created for facilitating higher education, research, and consultancy in areas of information technology. The academic program of the institute keeps updating to match with the world’s advancing edges of knowledge.Extracurricular activities are given equal weight in the overall development of the students at IIITM Gwalior, preparing them to tackle the rigors of the competitive corporate world. We seek to provide a very nurturing environment to all of its students, with the help of alumni from many fields and the supervision of outstanding teachers.

The selection procedure for the various programmes at IIITM ensures one the brightest minds of the country get admission here.

● JEE (Advanced Joint Entrance Examination) for the four year B.Tech and five year Integrated Post Graduate(B.Tech + M.Tech/MBA) programmes.
● GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) for Two years M.Tech and PhD programmes.
● CAT (Common Admission Test), Group Discussion and interviews for two years MBA.
● Ph.D. Entrance: Admission to Ph. D program is based on an aptitude test and subsequent interaction session organized by the institute for different categories.

Extracurricular Activities

Besides the academics, the extracurricular activities are an integral and compulsory part of the campus life. IIITM Gwalior supports a variety of student-run events, including inter-hostel tournaments, national festivals, and the management of messes and hostel infrastructure. These events give students a variety of opportunities to refine their soft skills, which are crucial for successful leadership. Furthermore, several student clubs, forums and organizations are active on campus.


Entrepreneurship Cell of IIITM is a student organization that fosters and grows the entrepreneurship spirit in IIITM, Gwalior. The goal of the club is to groom and connect individuals who have dynamic ideas that can create impact. This is done in the form of events such as E-Talks, Business Pitches, Case Studies and Content Initiatives. Imparting financial knowledge is an equally important goal of the club. The club welcomes every willing student with open arms to add value and start their own enterprise.

Aurora: National Level Cultural Event

Aurora is the annual cultural festival of ABV-IIITM, Gwalior. Coupled with the legacy of fellowship and pride, Aurora is one of the largest collegiate festival celebrations in central India, hence one of the most eagerly anticipated events in the institute calendar. It attracts a whopping 10,000+ students from more than 70 colleges all over the country. In the past, Aurora has been a festive affair to part off and an exclusive stage for the best of the artists, performers and show stoppers. Aurora bewitches the hearts of the masses with an idiosyncratic blend of shimmer, mystique, stupendous talent, breathtaking performances, enrapturing panache, unnerving bands, aesthetic dance moves, soulful moves, top-notch art and sublime actors.

Infotsav: Techno Managerial Event

This institute organizes events that acknowledge technological innovations and management procedures with accolades every year. ABV-IIITM in its continuous efforts to recognize excellence in areas of technology and management among its scholars organizes ‘Infotsav’ every year. Participants are invited form leading technological and management institutes of this country, while premier industrial and business houses sponsor this event. Awards are in the form of prize money and recognition.

AASF: A Technical club of students for Peer to Peer Learning

Abhigyan Abhikaushalam Students Forum(AASF) works to conjugate knowledge and skills into a single bunch. The forum also aims to inculcate in the students the spirit of excellence in every field along with promoting innovative ideas. AbhigyanAbhikaushalam Students’ Forum aims to construct this shoreline and helps in constructing the further path. It works to conjugate knowledge and skills into a single bunch. Knowledge is incomplete in itself, unless it is complemented by skills. This forum aims at providing the right kind of knowledge to the students and development of skills. Healthy coding competitions, technology exploring events are organized by AASF. Winter-Projects - It is a development event promoted to encourage development skills among the students where students perform in teams and create wonderful projects in various domains. HIQs - The technologies exploring sessions held by the alumni, and the senior most students of the institute for the juniors to make them learn and explore the domains./p>

Inter IIIT Sports Meet

Urja – This is an intra-institute. Spread over three days during February/ March, learners are encouraged to participate in this event at least in the form of a spectator. Athletes are always inspired by the presence of a team of supporters. Urja not only tests one’s physical abilities in track and field events but also offers an opportunity for creating a familial bond among different members of learners.
Twaran – Twaran is an inter IIITM sports meet normally held around February/ March every year. Students from all the IIITs of India, includes Allahabad, Jabalpur, Kanchipuram, Nagpur, Delhi, Pune, Bhopal and Gwalior take part in this track and field competition with zeal and enthusiasm. In addition to sporting glories achieved, Twaran provides a platform for interacting with IIITMians across India.

Rotaract: A club connecting with Society

Rotaract, constantly work towards making the world a better place to live in and with this club we try to instill in our and your busy lives a place for small acts of kindness. Some people are atheists, some might believe in god, some existentialists but if there is one thing that we have all experienced, it is pain and suffering. Here at Rotaract “we rise by lifting others” and we use our privileges and do our bit in making life better for as many as we can. We together bring change that we expect to see in the society around us and try to be the stimulus for further improvement in the society. Our motto is “spread smiles, earn smiles” and we provide opportunities for students to enhance the knowledge and skills that will assist them in personal development, to address the needs of their communities, and to promote better relations between all people through a framework of friendship and service.

Manchatantra: Arts and Dramatics Club

Manchtantra, the Dramatics Society of ABV-IIITM Gwalior formed under the guidance of former director Prof. S.G. Deshmukh in 2017. The Club is responsible for organizing dramatics activities and spreading awareness on social issues, theater enthusiasts, give a boost to their passion for acting, singing, and make them capable enough to reflect on society and its ways to pave a path for self-actualization, making them active contributors to the up-liftment of the society.

Other Cultural Activities

ABV-IIITM encourages its students to participate in cultural events and activities with equal enthusiasm as academics. This institute is an active participant of SPIC MACAY, an endeavour of Government of Madhya Pradesh for promoting classical performance art forms like music, dance, and drama. Cultural groups and celebrity performers from across India are invited tto perform in SPIC MACAY. The Music, Arts and Dramatics club of this institute also organizes events of smaller scale throughout the year for inspiring talents of this institute.

Uthaan: A Social Media Club

Uthaan is journalism and recreational forum of the institute, by the students for the students. This forum has been formed in order to enable all round development of the students in all facets of life. Our aim is to develop and nurture every sort of quality in the students. It is a forum which serves as a bridge between academics and student welfare. We are the eyes and ears of the institute, when it comes to any event occurring inside it, we cover the events through all forms of media. Uthaan is a bridge between academics and students' welfare. It exposes the students to the outerworld by giving them a platform to interact with the players in professional fields.It is a forum that promotes all round development.

Director's Message

IIITM Gwalior continues to be one of the most esteemed institutions in the India. IIITM Gwalior attracts the brightest students from the country for its Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral programs. This year, IIITM Gwalior is celebrating its 25th year of establishment. IIITM Gwalior is one of the most preferred academic institutes to a large number of organizations for recruiting outstanding employees with the potential for being their future leaders.

These organizations, from both within India and abroad, are excited about the capability, skill, intellect and the professional readiness displayed by our students. We highly value our partnership with recruiters, alumni and friends of IIITM Gwalior and remain committed to making your recruiting experience enjoyable and rewarding. I invite the recruiting organizations and graduating students to work on finding the best match between expectations of the recruiters and the aspirations of the students. Wish you all the best!

Prof. Sri Niwas Singh

Director, IIITM Gwalior


On behalf of office of Training and Career Planning services at IIITM Gwalior and my personal behalf, I welcome you to our webpage. It’s a matter of great pride to mention that we IIITians at Gwalior, celebrating the 25th year of establishment. We are the one of the most preferred institutes in the area of IT and CS to a number of industries hiring the quality candidates skilled with IT as well as Management skills.

So far our experience has been fantastic in getting very good feedback from our recruiters in India or overseas, especially on the capability, skill set, intellect and the professional readiness displayed by our students. We always believe in the philosophy of a long term partnership with our recruiters and alumni of IIITM Gwalior and remain committed in making their experience as scintillating as possible. Its my proud privilege inviting the organizations and students to work on finding the best match between the recruiters need and the satisfaction of the students. Wish you all the best!

Dr. Anurag Srivastava,

Professor, IIITM Gwalior

Why IIITians ?

First, the quality of students at IIITM Gwalior is very good and having especially skilled in the various thrust areas of IT and Electronics industries. The students are very well groomed through state of the art facilities in the campus under the mentorship of expert faculties, doctorate from institutes of national and international importance. The current areas of research of most of the faculties are as per the demand of the industries and society. Second, the alumni of IIITM Gwalior are the shining stars of the institution and most of them have reached a new level of excellence in their respective fields of profession through their desired learning in technology, their business ideas, and their problem solving abilities and skills, and reaching the demands of the public sector as researchers as well as entrepreneurs. The Institute recognizes its alumni who have distinguished themselves through their work and have alwaysmade us feel proud.The current administration of the institute has actively associated Alumni in its educational and research activities by inviting them to serve on advisory boards, as visiting professors, or as guest lecturers. Our alumni have also responded enthusiastically by supporting the Institute, which have resulted in getting our students very good placement and internship offer from various reputed organizations of international importance.

Journey of Placement

We provide best support, training and counselling to our students for a fantastic job offer through campus


The academic department at IIITM Gwalior offers undergraduate and postgraduate programmes leading to B.Tech, Integrated B.Tech plus M.Tech, Integrated B.Tech plus MBA, M.Tech, MBA or Ph.D. degrees. With this diverse set of programs offering different specializations, IIITM Gwalior has stayed at the forefront of emerging technologies.


The four year Bachelor of Technology programme is offered in only one branch of engineering, i.e., Computer Science and Engineering. It was proposed looking at the need of industry and the mission of the institute to develop high quality manpower. The salient feature of this programme is the half-year B.Tech Project which exposes students to innovative technology and latest industrial practices.

B.Tech - Computer Science & Engineering

Integrated Post Graduate

This 5-year IPG was initiated to offer a synchronized curriculum covering facets of IT and management. Keeping in line with market requirements it is essential to groom professionals who are adept in handling demanding management or IT issues. This course has been particularly designed to address situations that demand a comprehensive solution synchronizing management and IT. Candidates after successful completion of this study course are expected to tackle specific requirements in resource optimization and integration of existing and new technologies.

B.Tech + M.Tech, Integrated Post Graduate - IPG in Information Technology

B.Tech + MBA, Integrated Post Graduate - IPG in Information Technology


The objective of this post graduate course is to create experts and professionals in information technology with a view on developing skills that are able to match the demands of the complexities of the present generation IT industry. Under present circumstances it is essential to have technologies that are sharp and purposeful. Our M.Tech program is aimed at developing experts with foci on technical capabilities and managerial abilities.

Post Graduate - M.Tech in Digital Communications

Post Graduate - M.Tech in Computer Networks

Post Graduate - M.Tech in VLSI(Very Large Scale Integration)

Post Graduate - M.Tech in Information Technology


This is a 4-semester program leading to an MBA degree. The course has been designed keeping in mind the requirements of present day business trends and industrial outlook. In a situation of tough competition from a global viewpoint, it is essential to put in place business processes that make optimal use of available resources to yield viable results. ABV-IIITM meets this demand through creation of capable managers and professionals who are able to synchronize material, technological and human resources to provide solutions for betterment of the business environment in entirety.

Post Graduate – MBA

Ph.D. Programme

ABV-IIITM offers doctoral programs in areas of Applied Sciences, IT and management. The Doctoral programs, normally gets completed within 3-5 years, depending on the proposed work and productivity of candidate. Candidates pursuing Ph.D programs are entitled to get stipends depending on norms set by the Ministry of Education, Govt. of India and subject to fulfillment of academic prerequisites as set by the institute from time to time.

Our Team

Professor In Charge

Prof. Anurag Srivastava
Professor Applied Sciences
+91-751-2449826 (O) +91-9826189049 (Cell)
Web: https://profanurag.in
Email: anurags@iiitm.ac.in | profanurag@gmail.com

Executive Board

Prof. Anurag

Dr. Gaurav
Agarwal (Management)

Dr. Vinay Singh

Dr. Saumya
Bhadauriya (CS/IT)

Dr. Santosh
Singh Rathore (CS/IT)

Dr. Gaurav
Kaushal (Electronics)

Dr. Binod
Prasad (Electronics)

Mr. Aniruddh
(Asso Director - M&A
consulting and strategy, KPMG)

Mr. Ronal Dhoot
(Sr. Software Engineer,
Microsoft India)

Ms. Prachi Jain

Ms. Neelima Naidu
(Principal consultant
at Fractal.ai)

Ms. Haritha Nair
(Product Manager
at Microsoft)

Dr. Santhi Bhushan
(Asst Professor,
IIITDM, Jabalpur)

Mr. Arvind Shrivastava
(SoC Engineering Leader
(Semiconductor Design), AMD)

Dr. Mani Madhukar
(Program Manager,
Global University Programs,
IBM India Private Limited)
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